Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

What will my donation be used for?
  The Humane Society of Missouri is committed to the prevention of cruelty, abuse and neglect of animals and throughout Missouri through our adoption centers, veterinary medical centers, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, rescue and investigation units, education programs and pet behavior programs.  By making a donation to the Humane Society of Missouri, you will choose to be part of the solution to the problem of pet overpopulation and animal abuse.

Is the Humane Society of Missouri affiliated with other Humane Societies and shelters?
     No, the Humane Society of Missouri is not affiliated with any other animal welfare organization.  As a not-for-profit organization, the Humane Society of Missouri provides our services and programs to the community without local, state, or federal tax support, nor United Way funding.  We rely on financial donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.

How do I get a Pet-Friendly license plate?
  You can get an “I’m Pet Friendly” license plate through the Missouri State Humane Association (MoSHA) which processes the orders and transfer fees into the statewide spay/neuter fund held by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. The Missouri State Humane Association is not a part of or affiliated with the Humane Society of Missouri. License plates are available on the MoSHA website.

Can I specify which program I would like my donation to go towards?
    Certainly.  To make an secure, online donation to a specific program of the Humane Society of Missouri, such as the Cinderella Fund or the Animal Cruelty Fund, simply click on "Donate to a specific program such as Operation Pet Partners, Cinderella Fund, Rescues, and others" on the main donations page of the website.

What information must I provide in order to make an online donation?

     You will need to provide us with your name, address, email address and credit card number in order to make a secure online donation to the Humane Society of Missouri.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
     You will receive a receipt via email with the tax-deductible amount of the donation, which you can print out and keep for your records.

How much of my donation is tax-deductible?
     For a financial donation, if no goods or services are exchanged in return for the donation, the full value of the donation is tax-deductible.  For in-kind donations (such as towels and other supplies or equipment) the fair-market value of the donated item(s) is determined by the donor and used as the tax-deductible amount for the donation.

Can I give a gift of stock?
     Yes, you may enjoy significant tax advantages for donating appreciated securities. Please contact Anne Goeckner, CFO at (314) 951-1509 for delivery instructions.

What is the Humane Society's Tax-ID number?
    The Humane Society of Missouri's IRS Employer Tax-ID (EIN) number is 43-0652638.

How can I view the Humane Society of Missouri's program accomplishments and financial information?
    The Humane Society of Missouri's most recent Annual Report is available in PDF format.

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