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Support the Second Chance Equine Fund at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch!mojolongmeadow.jpg

The Second Chance Equine Fund was designed to help horses that have been abused or neglected, often requiring lengthy care before they can be adopted. This fund provides food, medical care, farrier services and training for equines that have been rescued and are in need of rehabilitation at Longmeadow.

Mojo came to Longmeadow in late summer of 2015. He was in desperate need of routine care that had been neglected for many months. With a strict feeding schedule, proper dental care, vaccinations and parasite control (and lots of TLC from Longmeadow staff) thanks to the Second Chance Equine Fund, this deserving gelding is now healthy and happy.

Your gift today will help these deserving animals in need. Because of caring donors like you we are able to provide a second chance at a loving, forever home.


Second Chance Equine Fund Success Stories

django before
At the time of rescue, Django was so thin you could make out almost every bone of his body. He was also suffering from chronic nose bleeds and needed extensive veterinary care and medication, made possible by the Second Chances Fund.
Thanks to generous donations to the Second Chances Equine Fund, Django was healthy enough to start in Longmeadow's training program. He's now happy and healthy in his forever home!

Ariel was extremely thin yet also heavy with foal when she was rescued from a property where she and several other horses were suffering from severe neglect.
Ariel had baby "Melody" just days after arriving at Longmeadow, but she was too weak and malnourished to provide milk or care and had to spend several days with the veterinarian.
Thanks to the Second Chances Equine Fund, Ariel and beautiful foal Melody are were able to rehabilitate and become happy, healthy horses at Longmeadow.  arielandfoal.png

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